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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  March 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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[shouting] jim: w begin with breaking news. a rally for donald trump is canceled amidst security concerns in chicago. good evening, i' m jim payne. meredith: i' m meredith mcdonough. thousands of protesters and trump supporters clashed, sparking shouting matches and several fights like we have not seen before. wesh 2' s stewart moore is live at the breaking news center with the latest video. stewart: the violence erupting before donald trump' s chicago rally with protesters carrying signs, and shouting insults. the crowd was swelling both outside and inside the event. and inside, is where things really got heated.
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[booing] stewart: and you can see the huge fight. managed to get on stage. supporters not happy with those protesters showing up. but if an item started to happen. trump called into msnbc and told them he met with police for 30 minutes before shutting the event down. he also spoke about what he s violence. donald trump: you of people that feel differently about other elements, and it all comes together. you see all over. you see it in lots of different locations. there is a lot of anger in the country, and is very sad to see actually. stewart: the chicago police department is saying it never recommended trump cancel his campaign rally. there is an officer bleeding from the head. they had sufficient manpower on the scene to handle any
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a number of trump events have been marred by protests and some fights. we will stay on top of this throughout the evening. in the breaking news center, stewart moore, wesh 2 news. jim: thanks. meantime things are a lot tamer here in central florida, as senator ted cruz continued on the campaign trail with a stop in orlando today. once again, he accused donald trump of not being a true conservative. ted cruz: donald keeps saying he will negotiate better deals. he agrees with hillary clinton and barack obama on everything they do. he just says they will not negotiate a better deal, he will do it better. we need of -- we have too much government. jim: after his stop in orlando, cruz spoke at a republican dinner in illinois which also holds its primary this coming tuesday. the gop candidates continue to pass through central florida. senator marco rubio plans to hold a rally in the villages this sunday at 3:00 p.m. he spent time in west palm beach today, supporting another candidate in ohio. there, he' s encouraging voters to vote for john kasich instead of donald trump.
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before the primary on tuesday, several counties are offering early voting tomorrow. stay with wesh 2 news for upcoming visits from the presidential candidates hoping to get your vote. breaking news an apopka tonight, we are on the scene lives of a deadly shooting. meredith: this was on east 13th street. police are looking for a female suspect. looking to get more information on a very active scene. matt lupoli joins us live. what can you tell us? matt: we are at the 200 block of 13th street or crime scene or study sheriff' s office investigators were called to a home at the fired. he was rushed to florida where he died. he was 34 years old. he has not been identified. deputies have information on a us this year is a suspect and
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we don' t have any other details about her. this is all happening at 8:30 tonight. one man is dead and the investigation into his death continues. jim: we are following breaking news in downtown orlando, a live look at the scene, a deadly high and run -- hit and run on west colonial and lexington. this involved a pedestrian, and the suspect vehicle is a white van that took off heading onto i-4 a block and a half away. you can see the interstate on the top of the screen. as soon as we get more information, we will pass it along. meredith: tonight, an 89-year-old man is in jail, accused of murdering his 88-year-old companion. police in tavares say he made a suicide-murder pact with the woman then killed her. , we just got this mug shot of the suspect, carl lange. wesh 2' s chris hush talked with neighbors. chris: as the sun set on doris
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and crime tape surrounded this home just north of lake dora. police believe an attempted murder-suicide was carried out inside. 88-year-old rosemary getz was found shot to death. but police say before 89-year-old carl lange could pull the trigger on himself, they intervened. morgan: it' s a shock, because they really loved each other. they really did. tony miller: extensive interview is being done with him, and their analyzing what all they looked at inside and seeing if it matches what he is saying. chris: lange has already told investigators he made a pact with his longtime companion of 25 years to kill her and then himself, according to police. but why is still a mystery to the many neighbors who knew the unmarried couple. ever see or hear anything that would cause you to believe that there was trouble at the house? >> nothing. not a thing. i always asked rosemary how she was doing, and she always responded like, ok. chris: this neighbor, who didn' t want to be identified, says ambulances have been called to
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but when we asked police if health issues could have been a motive, they told us it' s too early in the investigation to say. tony miller: it is sad when you get to this point, at this age, that that person felt they had nothing else no other path to , take. chris: within the past hour we learned mr. lange is charged with homicide and was denied bond as well. he will be staying in the lake county jail. in lake county, chris hush, wesh 2 news. jim: a man is taken to the hospital after being bitten by a venemous snake. this happened in the 3000 block of taylor creek road in east orange county. this is brand new video from the scene. orange county fire rescue says a caller reported that a man had been bit by a water moccasin. he was flown to ormc. right now, there' s no word on his condition. meredith: we have new information in the brutal attack of a sketch artist at universal' s islands of adventure. wesh 2' s angela taylor is live in studio with a look at the evidence. angela: meredith back in , january, investigators say
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glenn ferguson in the head with a pair of scissors. you can see what police say is torres chasing ferguson through the park. the victim runs to a security officer, then takes off running toward the bottom of the screen with his alleged attacker in hot pursuit. we also have pictures. these images from the aftermath show ferguson getting medical attention. investigators believe torres did it to get back at their boss by injuring the best artist he had. torres had been fired the day before. now ferguson survived the attack, suffering injuries to his neck and head. torres is charged with attempted murder and has pleaded not guilty. jim. jim: angela, thanks. investigators are looking for clues to help them find the person who beat a man outside an orange county bar. deputies say sebastian valencia was attacked at the tavern on the creek on south john young parkway. it' s believed this started when a man groped a woman who came to the bar with valencia. that led to an argument between the two inside. the men then walked outside the bar to continue the confrontation, and that' s when
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blindsided. >> as soon as the man walks outside, he is sucker punched. as he is trying to recover from being hit in the head, then all of a sudden he is later kicks. jim: if you know anything, call crime line at 1-800-423-tips. meredith: a multi-agency task force arrests an orlando man for trafficking underage high school girls. mbi agents arrested 23-year-old martin wright iii last night. investigators say he befriended two girls, ages 16 and 18, then used money, threats, and violence to force them into prostitution. the girls told school officials last month what was going on and law enforcement began investigating. online ads offering the girls for sex allegedly traced back to wright' s cell phone where investigators found 19 images of child pornography. >> yes, we believe we have a problem with human and sex trafficking in central florida, but our position right now is that we are out front to do
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meredith: investigators believe there may be four other alleged victims. firefighters have nearly contained a wind-driven wildfire near titusville, right off the highway 407. initially, firefighters thought they would be able to knock down the fire pretty quickly, but because of the dry conditions and strong wind, it was tough to contain. the fire has burned about 35 acres. jim: right now a daytona beach man is facing some serious charges after police say he twisted a baby' s arm so badly he broke it. take a look at 21-year-old keondre chisholm. police say when they arrived to care for the child, chisholm told them the 9-month-old fell off the bed. the child was taken to the doctor, who determined the fracture could only have come from his arm being twisted. a new case of the zika virus has been diagnosed in orange county. it' s one of 59 cases in the state. this is a map showing the counties impacted. all but one of the cases are travel-related. earlier this week health officials say some one contracted the virus in polk county through sex. tomorrow, you' ll have a chance to ask questions and voice your concerns about the virus in
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public, beginning at 1:30 at the florida mall hotel and convention center. it' s part of a women' s health event. other women' s health issues will also be discussed. it will be held in the second-floor legacy ballroom of the hotel. in marion county, deputies arrest a man on drug charges. deputies searched the home of islan gonzalez-molina after getting a tip he was running a grow house. once they went into the home, they found nearly 150 marijuana plants, along with thousands of dollars of cash and a rifle. he' s being held on $40,000 bond. meredith: still ahead, a wesh 2 news investigation. jim: we of uncovered back which handlers stealing -- baggage handler stealing valuables from luggage. meredith: a new video shows this man plays a skimmer on a machine. jim: a mental the polk county sheriff that he cannot be caught, but that sheriff eventually has the last laugh. tony: we finally have some changes heading to central
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jim: wesh two is very close to the scene of breaking news and downtown orlando. you are looking at the scene on was colonial drive near lexington avenue. there is a heavy presence of police and highway patrol. meredith: this is a deadly hit and run, and involved a pedestrian and a suspect vehicle described as a white van. it is heading onto i-4. they were together as much information as they can. here is aerial picture. you can see traffic backing up on the interstate. we are going to continue to follow this breaking news at 11:00. tonight wesh 2 news investigates a backroom crime spree at orlando international airport. undercover videos that police selling passenger' s valuables. wesh 2' s bob kealing has this exclusive investigation. bob: this is police undercover video taken in late october on oia' s patio d luggage area.
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and alejandro deleon, both sub-contracted luggage handlers from orlando-based bags inc., worked out a system to steal electronics and other valuables from checked passenger bags. michelle guido: they were absolutely looking to profit off of other people' s belongings. bob: police say the men would watch for valuables inside bags checked by this tsa worker, and then as diaz looks out, de leon crawls onto a curtained luggage conveyer belt to help himself to an expensive laptop from someone' s bag. >> they snuck in to an area that was out of view of cameras they took the items and put them in the backpack and simply walked right out. bob: where do stolen goods go? sometimes police say to people like 24-year-old thomas j. willard. the man in this video. one theft victim told me he
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sting after willard called him up and explained he had bought his laptop off of craigslist for a couple hundred dollars. found out later it was stolen and was willing to sell it back to him at the same price. michelle guido: he was the one peddling the stolen merchandise. he had not gotten it through craiglist. bob: when the transaction was made, police stepped in to arrest him for dealing in stolen property. reporting at oia, bob kealing, wesh 2 news. meredith: neither bags inc. nor oia officials have returned our calls. to avoid becoming a victim police say put valuables in your , carry-on luggage, and if you are victimized contact orlando police who have investigators at oia. jim: we' ve told you stories about skimmers being placed on pumps at gas stations but tonight, a man is caught on camera placing one on a credit card machine. this is at a gas station in miami beach. watch as one man distracts the clerk behind the counter as another man walks steps in and quickly places the skimmer over the machine. the men then walk out. the next day, police were called when a worker noticed the
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the keypad. meredith: it is that simple. a bull' s move by a man inside a police station. he went restroom to inject heroin. he used the restroom in the front lobby. he was on the floor unconscious and unresponsive, bleeding from the arm. we sent -- we were sent these pictures of the paraphernalia. the liquid in the syringe toss it -- tested positive for heroin. jim: you can also file this one under only in florida. polk county sheriff grady judd wastes no time taking a jab at a career criminal who had taunted him on facebook. first, take a look at this picture. it shows cedric carr posting a judd, you can' t stop my show." carr was wanted on drug and here' s a more recent that is carr' s mugshot after he was arrested a few days later. deputies spotted his vehicle and carr led them on a chase. but he was caught, and investigators say he had meth on him when he was busted.
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also do a little posting on social media. he posted this before and after shot of carr. and take a look the caption he put. it reads, "it' s not usually a good idea to taunt the sheriff' s office on facebook. yes cedric carr, we stopped your show." meredith: tony mainolfi joining us now, talking about whether. and we have summer on the mind. tony: tomorrow looks pretty good. sunday we get some rain, so that is awesome. i have a photo from around sunset, leah bartram near melbourne. that is a good-looking shot. that is where a lot of folks are going to be hopefully tomorrow. outside tomorrow -- today, purple in the villages, the soccer game was good. 63 right now, wind out of the east-southeast at six. the fire index, it is running
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also looking at moderate fire danger of towards daytona beach , the villages, and marion county. we are going to get help in that department, low pressure is getting a boost to the east. on top of us by sunday and monday. that' ll give us much-needed rain to help the pollen and fire concerns. we still have rip current concerns, and that will continue tomorrow. please be mindful and careful of that swim guards. wind out of the east-southeast in melbourne. five to 10 miles per hour. much lighter back in the interior. we will watch dangerous rip currents. here' s what you need to know. bj boating forecast, moderate risk current risk. water temperatures in the upper 70' s. 65 to 70 now, and that is where
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cooler in the interior. ocala right now sitting at 63 degrees. hour-by-hour, downtown orlando falling to 63 at 6:00 in the morning only to rise to 73 by 9:00. cooler in ocala, running in the middle to upper 50' s. this time of year usually 50' s, not 60' s. a little bit on the warmer side of things. there may be just enough moisture tomorrow afternoon that we can see a coastal sprinkle mid to late the majority of us will be dry. low-pressure begins to lift off to the east-northeast. the forecast highs, 80 to 85 everywhere. that is eight degrees above normal. track shack tomorrow morning, 60 at 6:00, warming up for the kids run at 8:45, 72 degrees. bike
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a bit of rain on the way. -- disney, the braves are taking on the nationals. the first pitch is 6:05 at 83 degrees. we spring ahead one hour saturday night. rain chances 30 to 50%. high temperatures holding in the 80' s. jim: astronaut scott kelly is hanging up his spacesuit. nasa says kelly plans to retire on april 1st. he returned to earth earlier this month after a 340-day journey in space. after retiring, kelly will continue to participate in the ongoing research related to his nearly one-year mission. he holds the american record for the most time spent in space. meredith: orlando city with a second straight home match would they break through with a win? jim: and college basketball tournament action in orlando the aac turns it way up. stewart: that is right people , paid good money to see some excellent action and they got a little extra thrown in for free.
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multiple overtimes in one game crazy shots from impossible , distances that go in. the madness that is march and
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and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few.
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soccer pitch in central florida, we dare you to find a better setting out there for a game under the lights. orlando city lions in their second game of their second season. another big large crowd at the citrus bowl. there would be no late game heroics in this one. the lads in purple play to a draw against the chicago fire. last year' s mls rookie of the year cyle larin found the back of the net for the second time this season for the lions. chicago scored in the 14th minute. after that the lions hit the , post twice as the game closes out, this ends 1-1. next up, and away match against new york city fc. call it a double whammy for the ucf knights. the ucf men' s basketball team loses their first round game in the aac tournament, then head coach donnie jones loses his job. we heard from jones after the game but before he was fired. >> i didn' t think we had a great start to the game. was too hyped up probably from playing in front of the home crowd. stewart: the knights beat
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they were let go after the wrapped up the 66-63 loss. jones has been with the knights for six years and most analysts think he needed to take the big dance to see a seventh season at ucf. he leaves the knights with 88 wins and 100 losses. no word yet who might replace him. orlando magic continue the west coast swing, taking on sacramento, the team with the worst record. or the jump out early with 9-0. the kings are able to sell it down on the home court. they are still up right now. 52-49. the florida gators tourney dreams are cut way short. the gators fell to the top seed, texas a&m today in nashville in the second round. the gators tied things up 11 times before ultimately falling to the aggies 72 to 66. ucf may be out of the aac basketball tournament, but the u-conn huskies and cincinnati bearcats played a game for the ages at the amway center this afternoon.
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[applause] >> johnson has hit two enormous threes. stewart: oh, it does not get better than that. third overtime, bearcats kevin johnson drains a three-point jumper to give cincinnati the lead. but with 8/10 of a second, the yukon jalen adams puts up and drains a half court buzzer beater to send the game into a fourth overtime. she is not related to steph curry in my knowledge. this was crazy. the huskies went on to win the game in the fourth overtime and live to amaze another day. orlando magic gordon hollywood -- aaron gordon goes hollywood. he spoke to alan about the recent slamdunk competition on nba all-star weekend where he
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a lot of people think you should have gotten the title of the competition. [indiscernible] he almost hit his head in the studio lights. solar bears defeat the brampton beast, 6-3.
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and remember you can wake upe jim: a deadly hit-and-run in downtown orlando. this is on colonial just west of i-4. a late soccer match traffic, and the aac tournament traffic will be affected by this. meredith: this involves the pedestrian, and the suspect vehicle is described as a white van that took off onto i-4. if you have any information, call the florida highway patrol or local police. tony: out the door at in the morning we are going to be in good shape. it is dry and warm, temperatures around three degrees timing to 85 degrees. we stay warm and get some rain. jim: that' ll be nice. set your alarm to wake up with wesh 2. the weekend crew starts at 530. [captioning performed by the
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